Since Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 3 we have the ability to play around with containers.
The containers are managed through Powershell and a offical GUI Management tool is (still?) lacking.

Introducing Windows Server Container Manager

This version is optimized for TP5, does not work on Windows Server 2016 RTM.

Still here for educational purposes.




Create Containers
Remove Containers
Start / Stop Containers

 Change Runtime Type

Change Switch

Show Network information (Through Powershell Direct)
Add Network Adapters
Connect Network Adapters to other switch
Create Container Images
Import / Export Images
Import OS Images

You can manage remote Container Hosts, although some function may not work (yet) due missing Powershell support.
The Windows Server Container Manager uses the “out-gridview” powershell feature for displaying information and making choices.

Any feedback is appreciated.


Darryl van der Peijl