After a recent support case came up, where i could not see the wrong settings via the GUI, i decided to write a script to check things for me.

I got a little carried away to be honest, but this is the result.

It will check the following:

IIS Configuration:


Certificate Services:


It will work on SBS 2011 Essentials, Windows Server 2012 Essentials, and Windows Server 2012 R2 Essentials.

It will also work on WHS 2011 and Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials.

In addition you can run it on a client machine to test connectivity to your server.

With the latest update you can also now run the tool on a client machine to test connectivity to the Essentials Server ports, 80, 443, 6602, 8192.


Updated 04/03/2014

Improved WHS Support

Formatting Improvements


Updated 28/02/2014

Improved WSSE Support

Added better Update Notification


Updated 26/02/2014


Service Check

Port Check


Updated 25/02/2014


Bug with Dashboard SSL Error

Essentials 2011 SSL Bindings

2012 R2 Virtual Directories


Updated 05/02/2015

Improved CRL Check and CA Recoginition


Updated 14/10/2015

Lots of improvements including logging


Updated 29/06/2015

Update Client Port Query - Name Resolution Issue


Updated 06/07/2015

Updated Client Port Query - Name Resolution Section


Updated 18/04/2016

Updated to fix bug in 2008R2 Type - Invoke-WebRequest

Updated to Check Binding Count when RWA Not enabled.


Updated 09/08/2016

Essentials 2016 TP5 Support

TLS 1.0 Check


Updated 25/01/2018

Improvement to Dashboard Certificate Output


Updated 09/03/18

Improvement to Dashboard Certificate Output - Fixed Bug


Updated 13/07/18

Version 2.2 

Added new test, Windows Roles/Features

Added Check for Essentials 2012 Web.Config Corruption


Updated 17/07/18

Added local IP configuration details and DNS settings


Updated 27/07/18

Version 2.2 included some bug fixes and logic for Standard Server with Role