Is is an extension set for Small Basic.



Basically this extension is a solution of things I would like Small Basic to be able to do.

Last Update

Uploaded XDialogues.



Just completed is the XLeadersBoard object and XDialogues.

This object privides access to one large shared SQLite database. Users can create a table for their game, add a session record and update this record throughout the session.

By using the GetLeaders() method a sorted CSV table is returned with the number of records specified by the programmer.

The database is hosted with a premium host and is interfaced using server side PHP and C# for the extension class.

Please checkout TRB403 on how you can use the Leaderboard.

I'm currently trialing it with "Step Up to Level 10", a game i've got posted on the gallery.

Source Code

Source control is at github.

The above zip download is the dll and XML files that you place in the Small Basic lib folder.


Q & A's

Yes please. Feedback leads to better extensions.


Is at getJibba.com