It goes without saying that more and more people opt to watching videos online than browsing through tons of pages online to get enlightened. After all, videos are much fun to watch and at the same time relay the desired information with ease.

Well, a mention o online videos cannot go without mentioning YouTube. This is an online video platform that has totally revolutionized the marketing of products in a great way. It's for this reason that YouTube is the second biggest search engine platform after Google.

It makes sense therefore for different brands to strive as much as possible to make their video presence felt on YouTube. Even so, this comes with a lot of challenges. One fact is that YouTube channel promotion is an uphill task and getting the desired views can be a daunting task. No worries though. This article will highlight smart YouTube channel promotion tactics that will earn your videos more views.

Optimize your YouTube Content

Just like any other internet search protocol, search engine optimization (SEO) is of utter importance when it comes to YouTube Channel Promotion. Basically, this is a technique that will make your channel discoverable in the YouTube search rankings.

In order for one to search and successfully get the right video on YouTube, it requires in-depth research skills. Therefore, you should be able to include as much information as possible on your YouTube Channel in order for the viewer to easily find you.

Create catchy video titles

The first thing that anybody will see before viewing any video is the title. The way you create your title will determine whether your video will attract many views or not. Either way, you should ensure that the title is not only catchy but it is also informative.

Simplicity is one of the elements of a great video title. While it's important to add every vital information, you should be able to keep your video title as simple as possible. Additionally, you should be able to search for a reliable keyword to use in your title. Finally. Craft your title by promising the viewer what to expect in the video.

Create clear and compelling YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube Thumbnails are the tiny images that act as the pictorial representation of what the video entails. They give the viewer a sneak preview of what to expect in the video they are about to watch in a YouTube video.


Due to the nature of their work, its of utter importance that a thumbnail be large enough to be easily seen by the viewer. Additionally, you should ensure that the image is of the highest quality possible. Remember, this is the first thing that will attract a viewer to your video. So you will want to give a perfect first impression.