Z-Hire Active Directory, Exchange, Lync, Office 365 User Creation Tool

Latest Version: Z-Hire Version Z-Hire automates the IT account creation process for Exchange mailbox, Active Directory, Lync accounts, Office 365 cloud and custom applications. With just a click of the button, your Exchange mailbox, and Active Directory user and Lync a

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  • Could you make SipAddressType configurable?
    3 Posts | Last post February 08, 2012
    • The application is quite helpful. The only thing that stops us from using it is the fact that we would need to specify a different format (<SAMAccountName>@<sip_domain> OR <FirstName>.<LastName>@<sip_domain>).
      Nice work!
    • Great Tool, just few changes can make if excellent. Like populating Exchange server names, db name, etc under a drop down menu or a combo box might make life easier.
    • Thanks for the suggestion. The next version of z-hire which is due in a few months will include the feature you requested. You can “like” us on facebook and you will be notified once the new version is out. 
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