This application allows IT administrators to automate common tasks when an employee leaves the company. Usually, IT administrators use multiple consoles and perform a variety of tasks to terminate user accounts. This tool allows IT administrator to automate:

Active Directory

 - Disable Active Directory Account
- Reset Active Directory Password
- Move users to dedicated OU
- Remove AD Group membership
- Clear Manager field in AD
- Set Description field
- Set Notes field
- Remove Active Directory Account


 - Change Distribution List ownership to
- Set customAttribute5
- Set out of office reply
- Forward Email
- Grant full access permission
- Hide user from Global Adress List
- Remove Calendar Items from resources.(remove calendar items where user is an organier of)
- Cancel terminated user's meetings (to free resouces such as conference rooms)
- Disable mailbox
- Export mailbox to PST format

Lync / Skype for Business server

 - Disable Lync Account

File Operation

 - Move home folder
- Export user settings to XML (this can serve as backup in case user need to be recreated)
- Run custom script (for advanced users only, contact support for more info)

Office 365

- MSOL User - Reset Password
- MSOL User - Remove Office 365 License
- MSOL User - Remove User
- MSOL Exchange - Clear Out of Office Reply
- MSOL Exchange - Hide User from GAL
- MSOL Exchange - Change Distribution List Ownership
- MSOL Exchange - Set CustomAttribute
- MSOL Exchange - Set Out of Office Reply
- MSOL Exchange - Set Grant FullAccess Permission
- MSOL Exchange - Set email forwarding
- MSOL Exchange - Remove calendar items from resource mailboxes
- MSOL Exchange - Remove user from all Office 365 Groups
- MSOL Exchange - Convert mailbox to shared resource 

Google G Suite and Google Apps

- Suspend user account
- Move to organizational unit
- Forward email
- Transfer Drive, Docs, Files ownership
- Disable Contact Sharing
- Remove user from all the groups