This is a script that should be dot sourced to use each function. You can choose to build a configuration file that the Get-PerfCounter will use to decide what type of counters to look for. Use Build-PerfConfig with the -assist switch to launch a command line helper to choose the type of counter. A GUI selection using windows forms is currently being built.

I have included the function for building the SQL table, but it is not yet active.  You should use the TSQL statement to build the table on the PerfMon database as those columns are required for the script. I am working to finish the build of the Build-SQLTable function so it is active and available to use.

This also only can be run on Windows Vista and above OS's.  Due to what appears to be a bug in the Start-Job cmdlet, the SQL connection hangs on opening on Win XP and Win2K3 servers. This script, however, can be run against those OS's along with Win2K servers.

I appreciate any bugs reported or suggestions for improvements and will work those in as time permits.

Import-Module PerformanceCounter_SQL.psm1