This PowerShell script provides an easy-to-use automated interface for the configuration of BGP Router on Routing and Remote Access Server (both in Multi-Tenant and Single-Tenant modes) on a Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 system.


Download the zip file and extract the script. Then open an elevated PowerShell window and move to the script location to execute the script. 





Following are the various configuration options available -
  1. BGP Router configuration       
    • New Router configuration       
    • Router configuration modifcation / update       
    • Router deletion   
  2. BGP Peer configuration       
    • New Peer configuration       
    • Peer configuration modifcation / update       
    • Peer deletion   
  3. BGP Custom Routes configuration       
    • New Prefix / Interface configuration       
    • Prerfix / Interface deletion   
  4. BGP Routing Policies configuration (requires the BGP Routing Policies script to be available at the same location)       
    • New Routing Policy addition       
    • Routing Policy modifcation / update       
    • Routing Policy deletion       
    • Configuration (Apply / Remove) of one or more Routing Policies for one or more peers   
  5. BGP Statistics display
For all the above methods, following is the set of events that takes place in the script -   



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