March 25, 2017 - Updated and expanded in version 2 to include Internet of Things.

Targeted to IT decision makers (or anyone hoping to quickly get a firm grasp of the "big picture" of Microsoft's cybersecurity stack), “Defending the New Perimeter” discusses these challenges and how to address them with the latest security and identity solutions from Microsoft. Designed to properly brief a busy professional in a couple of hours, “Defending the New Perimeter” provides the pertinent information to help you understand the threats your organization faces... and what you can do to protect your business.

With the explosion of cloud and enterprise mobility, the traditional network perimeter is history. A network breach is now an e-mail away. 

Identity protection is now a critical component in securing your organization’s front door to on-premises and cloud resources. With the increasing sophistication and funding of attackers by criminal enterprises and nation-states, tooling for detection and response to compromise has never been more important. Classification, labeling, and protection of information is a critical aspect of security as organizations store and share information across services and with partners.

With Enterprise Mobility + Security (EM+S), along with new security features in Windows 10, Windows Server 2016 and SQL Server, Microsoft delivers some game-changing capabilities every business should be aware of. With, "Defending the Modern Perimeter", you'll get a clear, concise view into the latest capabilities of the Microsoft cybersecurity stack.


Pete Zerger, CISSP, MVP and Managing Partner at Lumagate

Wes Kroesbergen, former Microsoft Security Global Blackbelt and Managing Partner at Lumagate

Table of Contents 

Forward (by Brad Anderson,  Corp VP, Microsoft)

1 - Introduction 

2 - Identifying Threats at Scale 

3 - Leveraging Identity as a Gateway

4 - Protecting the Modern Perimeter 

5 - Beyond the Perimeter - Internet of Things

6 - What's Next 


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