Submitted By: Joshua Hardwick

Restarts the Microsoft Exchange service. By mistake we made our Exchange server a domain controller and ever since it takes 20-plus minutes to restart. By stopping all mail-related services first we improved our restart time to only 5 minutes.

Visual Basic
@echo off
REM /***************************************************\
REM * DCexchangeRestart.bat				*
REM * Created: 01/17/2006	By: JHARDWICK		*
REM \***************************************************/

echo This program will restart the server. 
echo Press Ctrl+C to cancel restart, or
echo You have chosen to shut down.
net stop iisadmin /y
net stop MSExchangeIS
net stop MSExchangeMGMT
net stop MSExchangeMTA
net stop MSExchangeSA
Shutdown -r -t 00