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Josh Blalock
This e-book serves as a reference, or "handbook", for various topics regarding the planning and implementation of various Hybrid Skype for Business environments. From supported topologies, to step-by-step instructions for configuring Cloud PBX with On-Premises PSTN Connectivity.
Updated 1/14/2016
Released 12/1/2015
Matt Landis
 Free eBook (pdf) Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Step By Step for Anyone eBook (pdf) by Microsoft Lync MVP Matt Landis. This book gives step by step instructions on how to install Lync Server 2013.
Updated 5/11/2015
Released 9/6/2012
This step by step module is aimed at IT Pros that are looking forward in implementing a Skype for Business Environment in organizations. The content will guide you to perform a fresh installation of Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2015.
Updated 4/24/2015
Released 4/24/2015
Matt Landis
Installing & Upgrading Skype for Business Server Step by Step for Anyone is a free eBook by Skype for Business MVP Matt Landis that takes a generalist IT person step by step through the process of installing and/or upgrading Skype for Business.
Updated 6/5/2015
Released 5/11/2015
Thomas Poett (Skype MVP)
The free ebook is about troubleshooting Skype for Business and Lync. It is a very deep drive into the technical, services and procedures.
Updated 1/12/2015
Released 1/12/2015
As I start thinking about the design of Skype for Business solutions it becomes apparent to me that its time for a new visio stencil. Having been a little reserved with the new images that were introduced in the Lync 2013 stencil I thought its time to embrace
the new.The offici
Updated 4/20/2016
Released 3/15/2015
Learn Skype Web SDK in 30 Days is a collection of examples for Skype for Business or Lync developers who are getting started with the Skype Web SDK. There are 30 'days' with worked examples and source code in GitHub to get you learning FAST! Covers signing-in, presence, AV etc.
Updated 7/28/2015
Released 7/28/2015
Zachary Loeber
Create a full blown Active Directory HTML/PDF/Excel report with powershell which can be produced with any non-privileged domain user account and without any special powershell modules or administrative consoles.
Updated 2/28/2014
Released 10/18/2013
The ebook describes a step-by-step guide for upgrading a Microsoft Lync Server 2013 to Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2015. Unlike previous versions of Lync, Skype for Business now supports in-place upgrading.
Updated 5/18/2015
Released 4/22/2015
Prajwal Desai
The Lync server 2010 client is a single unified communication client that replaces previously released Office Communicator and Live meeting client, single client performs all the functions of the previous clients including instant messaging (IM), web conferencing, white boardi
Updated 3/7/2014
Released 3/7/2014
Mark Vale
This ADMX template is built on the Office 2013 Lync template published by Microsoft. This ADMX template does not replace the Lync 2013 ADMX.The template includes all the settings found in the Lync 2013 ADMX with the addition of the following:Automatically add Windows Firewall rul
Updated 7/22/2015
Released 7/22/2015
Fabrizio Volpe
Are you searching for the best (and free) tools for Skype for Business ?
During the Modern Workplace Summit in Oslo (thanks to Ståle Hansen @StaleHansen for organizing the event) I had a session about tools for Skype4B. Now I have enough information to write down a full text.
Updated 1/11/2016
Released 1/8/2016
Fabrizio Volpe
A free e-book dedicated to Lync administrators.

Versión en español está disponible aquí

Updated 6/17/2014
Released 10/19/2013
Ana Paula de Almeida
Microsoft Lync 2013 is an enterprise-ready unified communications platform that connects people everywhere, on Windows 8 and other devices, as part of their everyday productivity experience. Lync provides a consistent, single client experience for presence, instant messaging, voi
Updated 5/9/2013
Released 5/9/2013
Randy Chapman
Who would have thought that after just 16 months that almost 5,000 of you would have downloaded my

Firewall Diagram for Lync Server 2013.  So flattered that so many have found it useful.  And a big thank you for those of you that have shared, liked and praised it.To carry on t
Updated 5/29/2015
Released 5/28/2015
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