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Abdelrahman Muhammad
SfB - PowerPoint Join - Online meeting
If the discovery is successful, user will see a response that contains XML document with various URLs
If the discovery is not successful from all machines, there is a chance that machine cannot access the Office Web Apps Server due to eit
4.7 Star
Updated 7/26/2017
Released 7/26/2017
Abdelrahman Muhammad
SfB- Troubleshooting Anonymous Users join on-premise meetingsFor this scenario, first make sure the two companies are not actually federated on both environments (on organizer and joiner side). The reason for this check is if the companies were by chance federated but federation
4.9 Star
Updated 6/29/2017
Released 6/29/2017
Abdelrahman Muhammad
SfB Online Users join own tenant meeting Troubleshootingthis document include the below:Is Meet Now working? If not, collect logs below ... Review UCCAPI/ETL logs for errors and so onScheduled Meeting fails but Meet Now works –Access the URL in browser. When is the join failingAf
4.8 Star
Updated 7/25/2017
Released 7/25/2017
Abdelrahman Muhammad
SfB- Troubleshooting Federated Users join on-premise meetingsScenario 1: Federated User Join - meet URL points to organizer’s home pool
User bob@Federated.com joining meeting organized by federated company user chris@Domain.com
Bob clicks on the Join Lync Meeting link in the Ou
4.8 Star
Updated 6/28/2017
Released 6/28/2017
Abdelrahman Muhammad
SfB - Schedule online meetings troubleshootingthis file contains the below If SMTP and SIP addresses are different Check if SIP address changed recentlyClicking on Skype meeting in Outlook throws an error that client is not running, even though it is runningThis issue can also oc
4.8 Star
Updated 7/24/2017
Released 7/24/2017
Thomas Poett (MVP) - Westcon Group Germany
The free ebook is about troubleshooting Skype for Business and Lync. It is a very deep drive into the technical, services and procedures.
4.8 Star
Updated 1/12/2015
Released 1/12/2015
Matt Landis
 Free eBook (pdf) Microsoft Lync Server 2013 Step By Step for Anyone eBook (pdf) by Microsoft Lync MVP Matt Landis. This book gives step by step instructions on how to install Lync Server 2013.
4.7 Star
Updated 5/11/2015
Released 9/6/2012
Matt Landis
Installing & Upgrading Skype for Business Server Step by Step for Anyone is a free eBook by Skype for Business MVP Matt Landis that takes a generalist IT person step by step through the process of installing and/or upgrading Skype for Business.
5 Star
Updated 6/5/2015
Released 5/11/2015
Matt Landis
Administrating Skype for Business Server 2015 Step by Step for Anyone by two Skype for Business MVP's Fabrizio Volpe & Matt Landis provides straightforward, step by step, guidance to help Skype for Business administrators to get up to power.
5 Star
Updated 6/23/2016
Released 6/20/2016
Thomas Poett (MVP) - Westcon Group Germany

relay on several external components, as network or certificate authority,
especially the CA is an important component for TLS encryption. We need to
understand how Lync make use of certificates for authentication, identity
authorization and encryption. It also m
5 Star
Updated 8/27/2014
Released 8/27/2014
Ram Ojha
This FREE e-book is intended to be a reference or handbook, for installation and configuration of Skype For Business (SFB) 2015 Edge Server. Primarily, it explains following componentsIntroductionEdge Server RolesCo-Location of Edge RolesSample TopologyInternal DNS RequirementsEx
4.3 Star
Updated 5/5/2016
Released 5/5/2016
The ebook describes a step-by-step guide for upgrading a Microsoft Lync Server 2013 to Microsoft Skype for Business Server 2015. Unlike previous versions of Lync, Skype for Business now supports in-place upgrading.
3.9 Star
Updated 5/18/2015
Released 4/22/2015
Zachary Loeber
Create a full blown Active Directory HTML/PDF/Excel report with powershell which can be produced with any non-privileged domain user account and without any special powershell modules or administrative consoles.
4.8 Star
Updated 2/28/2014
Released 10/18/2013
Ståle Hansen
This script will create a local custom presence XML file on your computer and set the correct registry entries so you may enjoy custom presence states even though your company has not deplyed them or you do want to use your own states. Updated with support for Office 2016
4.8 Star
Updated 8/20/2017
Released 5/26/2014
BALU ILAG (Balasaheb)
Deploy Quality of Service for Skype for Business / Lync with best practices guide V1Overview:As you know that Microsoft Skype for Business is great product which has multiple features which help enterprise users to communicate and collaborate effectively from anywhere. To get Sky
5 Star
Updated 12/22/2016
Released 12/22/2016
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