We have all joined remote support sessions where the agent asks us to go to one page and then type in an ID number and click connect, right?
And the “Lync Support Session Web Page” is that page.

This particular functionality is not directly built in to Lync Server out of the box but the similar way we used to do it is by opening Outlook,
book a meeting and getting the meeting information by clicking the Lync Meeting button and then sending the email and waiting until it gets received and its at least a
minute or three before the meeting/sessions are started.

Its basically a simple web page from where you can select an agent, then type in a meeting ID, check the box to run the web client or leave the box if the
full Lync client is installed and then press the go button which will redirect the user to the good old meeting URL.
And from there start the session by typing the name (and install the plugin) or launch Lync.

The support agent also have to join the session for it to start. But that can of course be done from this page as well.

Its basic, its FREE to use, but I do have one wish: if you do any enhancements to the code, please share it with me so I can share it back with everyone!