BOC Call Recorder - Free Call Recording for Skype For Business

The BOC Call Recorder is designed to allow automatic client side call recording in Skype for Business and Lync 2013. BOC CR works with both on-prem installs as well as cloud hosted deployments. The BOC Call Recorder is optimized to post call convert audio recordings to MP3 format for maximum storage performance and scalability. In testing, BOC CR typically converts a 600MB, 40 minute conversation, into a 7MB MP3. The BOC Call Recorder works with any Windows Recording Device / Windows Playback Device combination, and mixes the 2 channels into a single file. This flexibility allows it to work with just about modern headset, or phone capable of making itself a system audio device. (Example : Polycom VVX with BTOE Installed and Configured) Users can also start a manual conversation recording in a deployment where you need to record some other soft-phone or non S4B device.

BOC Call Recorder for Skype for Business

Record Skype for Business Calls

Bridge BOC Call Recorder for Skype for Business and Lync 2013

Bridge Call Recorder can run in a window on the taskbar, or be minimized to the system tray. While in the system tray, a single click shows you the status window. Clicking anywhere on the status window restores the program to the taskbar. While minimized the program will spawn Windows system alerts as recordings begin and end.


Enhanced Features


MP3 Encoding - Get the maximum storage space and playback compatibility

Device Selection - Mix audio from any 2 Windows devices

Auto Call Recording - Conversations are recorded without user intervention

Auto Updates - Always run the latest version

Folder Selection - Local drive, shared storage, or the cloud

Space Monitor - Auto stop when storage gets low

Manual Record - Option to manually record any 2 devices used by another app

Compatibility - On prem or cloud hosted Skype for Business and Lync 2013

Unique File Names - Record multiple users to folder with no overlap, easy search

Minimize to System Tray - Hide program from view, free up taskbar space

Settings override with Group Policy

Almost no CPU impact (see graphic below)

Speech to Text - Powered by Azure

Record Lync Calls


Low CPU Overhead

It's important that your recording software use as small of a footprint as possible.

Cloud Compatible

Save files to OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, or straight to an Azure mapped drive

Here is a sample with a recording in progress.

Skype Speech to Text Lync

With speech to text enabled the BOC Call Recorder will use the power and Azure and the Microsoft cloud to turn your recorded conversations into search-able text. From there you can easily find conversations that match a word or phrase you wish to search for.

Currently Microsoft offers approximately 10,000 minutes of speech to text dictation free per month, with pricing plans if you need to go beyond that amount.

The search form to the right is now built into the BOC Call Recorder. It runs parallel searching so it can locate text quickly even with a large number of recordings to search.