Hi again,

Today's script runs after you connect on Office 365 Tenant Domain and need to check if all DL (Distribution List) exists under your Tenant.

Run this script for assessment, inventoroy or a backup during any changes you're planning to make on your Tenant Domain.

Use the previous script I posted to manage your Office 365 Tenant Domains https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Office365-Azure-Powershell-2e65bdc2?redir=0

You can use the previous script to export all Distribution List to have them as a backup, export before as well.

Link to Export DL script https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Export-All-Distribution-0a175151?redir=0

Feel free to reach me anytime to share your experiences on using this script.

Always evaluate this script on a sandbox environment if possible.

Reach MSFT Technet Forums and Documentation to double check commands and its syntaxes because sometimes a few commands get its switches updated or new are introduced and you could expirience issues when running them.


#  Copyright (C) 2019 by Thiago Beier (thiago.beier@gmail.com)    
#  Toronto, CANADA V1.0 - All Rights Reserved.    
#  This Script Export All Distribution Groups and Members List to CSV  
#  You can have your file from TXT or CSV to load all Distribution Lists you need to check 
#  Make sure you have the c:\work\ directory created where you have the files dl.csv or dl.txt depending on your set up for this run 
#  Uncomment the line #16 and comment the line #18 if you want to get content from a TXT file ; Uncomment the line #18 and comment the line #16 if you want to get content from a CSV file 
#  There's an option to enable / disable the PowerShell Transcript (uncomment the #start-transcript and #stop-transcript on line #12 and #48  
#  It generates the files under c:\users\%username% folder (user running the script) and be aware that if you're running as administrator sometimes it goes to c:\users\administrator instead your current user  
$dateandtime = (get-date -f yyyy-MM-dd-mm-ss)  
#start-transcript c:\users\%usrename%\transcript-df-group-exist-$dateandtime.txt  
# Import the CSV and setup additional variables 
#Get-Content c:\work\dl.txt | foreach-object {  
Import-Csv c:\work\dl.csv | foreach-object { 
#Variable Attributes created from file 
$name = $_.DLName 
$usercheck = $null 
# check if username exists already in AD 
$groupcheck = Get-DistributionGroup -Identity $name 
# Check search result to see if it's Null and then create the user 
If ($groupcheck -eq $null) { 
Write-Host "Group Check Completed - " + $_.DLName + " doesn't exist" `n`r -ForegroundColor Green 
write-host "Creating this group" $_.DLName -ForegroundColor Cyan 
New-DistributionGroup -Name $_.Displayname -Displayname $_.Displayname -Alias $_.Alias -PrimarySMTPAddress $_.email 
# If it's not null, print out to screen 
Else { Write-Host "User: "$_.DLName "already exists!"`n`r -ForegroundColor Red}