Last Version 1.05, June 6th, 2018.

Script to compare cmdlets available through Exchange Online or Azure Active Directory.
This allows you to spot any differences in cmdlets and parameters available in different
versions of Exchange Online as well as the Azure AD module from PowerShell gallery.

Compare-Cmdlets.ps1 [[-ReferenceCmds] <String>][-DifferenceCmds] <String> [-Export] [<CommonParameters>]

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Export information on the currently available Exchange Online and Azure AD cmdlets
.\Compare-Cmdlets.ps1 -Export

Compare two sets of cmdlets and show which cmdlets and parameters are new or removed
.\Compare-Cmdlets.ps1 -ReferenceCmds .\201803011416-ExchangeOnline-15.20.527.22.xml -DifferenceCmds .\201803121707-ExchangeOnline-15.20.548.21.xml

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