Disable PowerShell for users in Exchange

The script checks whether users have 1 of these 3 roles in Office 365: Company Administrator SharePoint Service Administrator Exchange Service Administrator After that, all users are retrieved and then checked for each user if they have an admin role, if not PowerShell disabl

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Office 365
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  • Typos in Script
    1 Posts | Last post November 20, 2019
    • I'm not sure if you checked but there are several typos in the script. I managed to get it to run using the below (i commented out the line to disable powershell as i just wanted to test it out):
      $roles = "Company Administrator", "SharePoint Service Administrator", "Exchange Service Administrator"
      $data = @()
      foreach ($role in $roles)
      $r=Get-MsolRole -RoleName $role
      write-output $role
      $users=Get-MsolRoleMember -RoleObjectId $r.objectid
      $users = Get-MsolUser -All
      foreach ($u in $users)
      if(!($data.emailaddress -contains $u.UserPrincipalName))
      write-output $u.UserPrincipalName
      #Set-user-identity $u.UserPrincipalName-RemotePowerShellEnabled $false
      Write-host "USER IS IN DATA"-BackgroundColor Red