Enable and Configure Office 365 RMS & IRM (Basic)

The following script allow you to enable and configure RMS service in Office 365 and enable the IRM option for Exchange Online.In order to activate IRM for Exchange Online or Sharepoint Online, you need to enable a configuration at Office 365. The process to enable RMS in Office

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Office 365
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  • Some corrections
    1 Posts | Last post October 18, 2018
    • To enable the AADRM and IRM services the order is incorrect.
      Set-IRMConfiguration -RMSOnlineKeySharingLocation
      Import-RMSTrustedPublishingDomain -RMSOnline -name "RMS Online"
      Import-RMSTrustedPublishingDomain -RMSOnline -name "RMS Online"
      Worked for me, but I think the Set-IRMConfiguration -RMSOnlineKeySharingLocation needs to be set first.
      #Office 365 for Government - https://sp-rms.govus.aadrm.com/TenantManagement/ServicePartner.svc1 is incorrect, there is no 1 at the end.
      #Office 365 for Government - https://sp-rms.govus.aadrm.com/TenantManagement/ServicePartner.svc
      Where is this info contained? I have been search for awhile and finally found the verbiage to get this link as well as this blog, https://adam-hand.com/cloud-technologies/office-365-hosted-irm-configuration-for-exchange-online/, but I've been unable to find any of this in official Microsoft Docs.