These papers help system admins to do most Exchange Server daily tasks through PowerShell (EMS) in a fast and easy way.

Table of Contents

Get all CAS Servers available in Exchange Organization. 

Get all MailBox Servers that available in Exchange Organization.

Get all mailbox DataBase that available in Exchange Organization. 

Move Exchange 2013 Default DB path (HRDB) 

Create new mailbox DB (ITDB) 

Check all Active Directory users. 

Check active directory users that have email account 

Create Mailbox for existing  active directory user in specific database (ITDB) 

Create users mailboxes for all users in the IT OU in ITDB. 

Create users mailboxes for all Active Directory users in specific database (DB1) 

Limit send and receive message size for specific user 

Limit send and receive message size for all mailbox in the server 

Set Send / receive prohibit (Mailbox size 5 GB) for all mailboxes in specific Database. 

Create Dynamic Distribution Group that contains all recipients who have a Department equals "HR" or "IT".

Get and Create Offline Address Book.

Hide specific Mailbox from GAL

Disable ( Disconnect ) user mailbox.

Connect disconnected mailbox.

Remove the mailbox and the Active Directory user account (saved by default 30 days)

Remove all mailbox in Exchange organization with linked Active Directory user accounts.