This tool automates the manual steps, described in the Mailbox Server Processor Capacity Planning TechNet article, to determine your planned processor's SPECInt 2006 Rate Value.  To run this tool you must be connected to the Internet.  The tool will take your planned processor model as input and execute a web query against the website returning all test result data for that particular processor model.    The tool will also calculate an average SPECint 2006 Rate Value based on the number of processors planned to be used in each mailbox server.  Once you complete the steps below you can plug the result value for your planned processor into the megacycles per core field in step 5 of the input range in the Mailbox Role Calculator to assist in your Exchange 2010 server planning.  If your particular server model is not listed in the dataset returned by the web query you can use the calculated average value and input that number into the megacycles per core field.


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