Microsoft Office 2007 was upgraded with all instrument bars being supplanted by an even strip. The lace interface was intended to be instinctive however by one means or another it confounds individuals since it appears to be unique from past renditions of Microsoft Office.

Top 10 Features of Microsoft Office 2007

Following are the best features:

1. The Ribbon

This is new wording for those of us who utilize Office all the time. If you are used to the drop-down menus in prior variants of Office, they have been supplanted with the lace. The strip is a GUI (graphical UI) he showcases the most regularly utilized symbols from past variants of Office.

2. Quick Access Toolbar

This toolbar is found ideal over the Ribbon. This toolbar has the entire most generally utilized easy routes accessible. It is additionally adjustable because you can choose the alternate ways that are shown.

3. Table Styles

Tables are an extraordinary method to exhibit data, and now, it's anything but trying to make them lovely with the original table styles.

4. Smart Art

Appealing, simple to utilize, pre-made graphs and outlines prove to be a useful and spare time when I need to add some obvious enthusiasm to a report, as a different option to a table.

5. Editing Images

I am regularly sticking screen captures of sites into reports, and I think they are tidier without the program window around them. I need the watcher to concentrate just on the site page content. The picture editing apparatus is significant for rapidly trimming a picture down, without the requirement for outside picture programming.

6. Visual Previews

I adore witnessing changes as I make them, for example, while resizing a picture or seeing distinctive styles. Such a change from the most accurate renditions of Word, where you sat many tight minutes for a page to re-render in the wake of including a picture!

7. Track Changes

While working together on a report, it's essential to see the progressions others make. Empowering this element makes that such a breeze.

8. Analyze Documents

Be that as it may, if your partners neglect to track their progressions, this element will discover them, by contrasting two distinct forms of a similar archive. You can undoubtedly acknowledge, dismiss and combine changes into the last way.

9. Assess Document

After a progression of modifications, changes followed and acknowledged or rejected, and remarks included and evacuated, running the Document Inspector is savvy. It will tell you about any last stray changes and comments, with the goal that the variant you discharge is genuinely the last one.

10. Spare as PDF

Not every person has Office 2007, but rather a great many people have or can introduce Adobe Reader or one of a few other PDF perusers. You can spare your record as a PDF straightforwardly from Word with no extra programming required.


I hope you have enjoyed reading the features. Along with features I also want to give you the opportunity to download it for free from limitlessreferrals. Yes, you have heard right free download.