Find all checked out files in large SharePoint Server library and check them in

The script finds all the checked out files in a single SharePoint Server library and checks them in. 

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  • Any option to deal with multiple users?
    1 Posts | Last post June 27, 2019
    • I noticed that this only sees doc's checked out to the user account used to run the script.  I used my login at first and it got all the ones associated with that account but missed a few thousand for another user.  I ran it as that user and was able to get done what I need to get done much faster than with the GUI.  It would be nice to have this script with an option to grab ALL the files that need checked-in regardless of the user account.
      To get this script to work with Sharepoint Online instead of on-premise, replace the line:
      $ctx.Credentials = New-Object System.Net.NetworkCredential($Username, $password)
      With this line:
      $ctx.Credentials = New-Object Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.SharePointOnlineCredentials($Username, $password)
      Thanks so much for publishing this scrip!