Convert Mailbox to Mail User


This script will convert an existed mailbox to a new mail user.


This script is to help Exchange Administrators to convert mailboxes to mail users via PowerShell.


This script contains one advanced function Convert-OSCMailboxtoMailUser, you can use this script in the following ways:

Step1: Run the script in the Exchange Management Shell, type the one command: Import-Module <Script Path> at the prompt.

For example, type Import-Module C:\Script\ConvertMailboxtoMailUser.psm1

Here are some code snippets for your references.

#Get Emailaddress for mailbox
$emailaddresses = $Check.EmailAddresses
$primarySmtpaddress = $Check.PrimarySmtpAddress
$userPrincipalName = $Check.UserPrincipalName
#Remove Mailbox
Remove-Mailbox $mbx -confirm:$false
#Create MailUser
New-MailUser $mbx -ExternalEmailAddress $userPrincipalName | Out-Null
#set primary smtp and secondary emailaddresses
Set-MailUser $mbx -EmailAddressPolicyEnabled $false
Set-MailUser $mbx -PrimarySmtpAddress $primarySmtpaddress
Set-MailUser $mbx -EmailAddresses $emailaddresses
Write-Host "MailUser $mbx is created."


Example 1: Convert Mailbox "Test1" to a new Mail User "Test1".
Command: Convert-OSCMailboxtoMailUser -Mailbox "Test1"

Example 2: Convert Mailboxes "Test1","Test2" to Mail Users "Test1","Test2".
Command: Convert-OSCMailboxtoMailUser -Mailbox "Test1""Test2"


Exchange 2010 and above Exchange Version
English Version only
PowerShell 2.0

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