How to export multiple Visio pages to .png file (VBScript)


This VBScript sample shows how to convert Visio page file to .png file.


Many companies generate technical visuals in Microsoft Visio and would like to be able to share this information on their corporate sites. The problem, however, is that most users would not be able to view the visuals in this format. One of the ways of solving this problem is converting Visio diagrams to a more universal format like PNG.  But doing it manually would be time consuming, this sample can help us to batch convert Visio files, it would be very convenient.


Step1:  Drag one Visio file or a folder that contains Visio files to the script. It will show a message box to remind you saving the Word documents opened.



When script finishes running, you will see the results as shown in the following figure.

The result as shown below:


Here are some code snippets for your references.

VB Script
Function ConvertVisioToPNG(VisioFile)  'This function is to convert a Visio file to PNG file 
    Dim objshell,ParentFolder,BaseName,Visioapp,Visio 
    Set Visioapp = CreateObject("Visio.Application") 
    Visioapp.Visible = False 
    Set Visio = Visioapp.Documents.Open(VisioFile) 
    Set Pages = Visioapp.ActiveDocument.Pages 
    Set objshell= CreateObject("scripting.filesystemobject") 
    ParentFolder = objshell.GetParentFolderName(VisioFile) 'Get the current folder path 
    BaseName = objshell.GetBaseName(VisioFile) 'Get the file name 
    Dim PageName,Page,Pages 
    For Each Page In Pages 
        PageName = Page.Name 
        Page.Export(parentFolder & "\" & BaseName & "-" & PageName & ".png") 
    Set objshell = Nothing  
End Function 


Windows Office 2010 or higher version

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