Learn Skype Web SDK in 30 Days


30 days of worked examples and source code to help you learn faster


This free eBook is for anyone who wants to get started with the Skype Web SDK. There are 30 "days" (plus a few extras before and after). Each day works through a specific problem and describes how to solve it. In addition, at the end of each day you will see a link to GitHub. This is where you can download a fully working sample for that day to try out in your own lab. 


- Structured layout to accelerate your learning

- Worked examples with lots of code snippets

- Full source code on GitHub to enable you to get started faster

- Covers Signing-In, Presence, Instant Messaging, Audio, Video, Conferencing etc.


This content is also available online at: www.skypewebsdk.com.


Written by:

Tom Morgan (Skype for Business MVP)