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Microsoft, back in 2016, released the Microsoft Network Assessment Tool for doing a basic check of connection quality to Skype for Business Online / Teams / O365. This tool gives you a Pass/Fail based on four network metrics (Packet Loss, Round Trip Time, Jitter, Packet Reorder) for the 90th percentile average of the time you ran the tool.

Whilst a Pass/Fail is helpful it doesn't "tell you the story" or give you a clue what might be the problem so I created some scripts to loop the tool over a long period of time and a PowerBI file that can help visualise the data to dig into where there might be issues.

This post runs through how to run the Microsoft tool continuously and then import the data into PowerBI so you get a lovely looking dashboard like this


The PowerBI dashboard that you can generate:

Dashboard explained


The PowerShell test looping script:

PowerShell running


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Ben - @Bibbleq