This PowerShell connection script only connects to the following Office 365 Services
- Exchange Online
- Azure AD v1.0 - MSOL
- Azure AD v2.0 - Azure AD

Sometimes you just want to quickly connect to Exchange Online and Azure Active Directory only to update some user or mailbox configurations. As much as I love my script that connects to ALL of the Office 365 services in one hit (see later), sometimes I just want to connect NOW and I don't need connections to SharePoint etc.

Pre-requisites - First you need to ensure your desktop PC is configured to connect to Office 365 via PowerShell.

Follow this tutorial to configure your desktop PC for Office 365 Administration Link

I still recommend you install all the modules to ensure you can connect to all the Office 365 services when you need.


Follow this tutorial on how to edit the Office 365 Connection Script by adding your administrator details and saving the file. The connection script will automatically prompt only for your password and then seamlessly connect to Exchange Online, Azure AD v1 (MSOL) and Azure AD v2 (AzureAD). - Link




Version that connects to ALL Office 365 services. 

Download Version 2.0 - Link (TechNet Gallery)


This updated script connects to all Azure and Office 365 services, including -
- Exchange Online 
- Azure AD v1.0 
- Azure AD v2.0 
- Azure Resource Manager 
- SharePoint Online 
- Skype for Business Online 
- Exchange Online Protection 
- Security and Compliance Center