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*** Updated 20 Jan 2018 - Now includes two scripts - original plus one with Proxy configuration ***


If you need Multi-Factor Authentication, please download my MFA script -
Office 365 Connection Script with MFA - Multi-Factor Authentication - Link


This is the new version of my Office 365 Connection Script. It has been updated to include connection to all Office 365 services and Azure Active Directory version 1.0 and version 2.0. I have also included Azure Resource Manager connection. 

*** Updated to include Azure Rights Manager PowerShell connection *** 

The script also loads the appropriate PowerShell modules to all the services.
Once connected, you just simply run your scripts.

Pre-requisites -
Follow this guide to install the PowerShell modules - 

How to configure your desktop PC for Office 365 Administration - Link


Usage Guide -
Follow this guide to edit the PowerShell Connection Script - 

How to connect to Office 365 via PowerShell - Link


The updated script will connect to the following services - 

- Exchange Online 
- Azure AD v1.0 
- Azure AD v2.0
- SharePoint Online
- Skype for Business Online 
- Exchange Online Protection
- Security and Compliance Center
- Azure Resource Manager
- Azure Rights Manager

- v2.0 - 15/04/2017          - Added connection to other services and load modules 
- v2.1 - 05/05/2017          - Added Azure AD Rights Management connection 
- v2.2 - 02/06/2017          - Added variables to simplify editing the script
- v2.2-Proxy - 20/01/2018 - New zip includes original v2-2 and v2.2 with proxy configuration