Update 07-Aug-2018:
Issue fixes, added new Office 365 license types.

Update 03-Aug-2016:
Updated the display name of the license plans to align with the latest Office 365 licenses.

Update 20-Feb-2016:
Added the ability to Assign / Remove Office 365 license for Distribution groups and Office 365 Groups.

Update 01-Feb-2016:
Added the column "Last logon time" in the licensing reports. Also added the report "Licensed users not logged in for N days".


This is a simple windows forms GUI based utility to manage Office 365 license.


Following licensing reports are available:

 Following operations are supported:

 Main features:




Steps to run the utility


Select multiple users for operation using CSV file


Sample users based on license report:

License management operation on multiple users:

License management for single user: