Remove duplicate appointments

A PowerShell script that will remove duplicate appointments from a calendar in an Exchange mailbox.

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  • Is it possible to make the script catch more duplicates, or run multiple times?
    1 Posts | Last post December 02, 2019
    • For some reason this script doesn’t catch/act on all duplicates. It stopped at 285 duplicates for me, every time. That’s when I had two different events that were duplicated. When one of the events, and all its duplicates, were removed it only found 89 duplicates of the first event.
      I know I had over 4000 duplicates of both events!
      I instead used the soon-to-be-deprecated Search-Mailbox command to remove them.
      search-mailbox -Identity “Name of User” -SearchQuery “kind:meetings AND Subject:’Topic of the duplicate events” -DeleteContent
      However, the script does find duplicates, so it did help me, it just doesn’t report the correct number of duplicates, which makes it a pain when there are thousands of duplicates, as you never know how many times you have to run the script. And, it’s also quite annoying to be asked for credentials on every run.