Search-LineURI (Search for that LineURI in all endpoints)

Sometimes it can be hard to find where a number is configured in the system. Not all numbers are shown in the CSCP. And the only way find it is through poweshell commands. This script, does it all for you. Search for the number, and it will look through all the possibilities.

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  • RGSworkflows does not have Displayname property
    3 Posts | Last post April 26, 2017
    • Hello Lasse,
      just wanted to notify you about a possible bug / or mis-handling of a specific case: response group workflow objects dont have a displayname, only "name" attribute (+ description if you like, but thats a different thing). Even the RGS management webpage is wrong (it says displayname, when you speicify the name of the workflow, but it will be stored as a "name" property).
      So when you output the search result, the RGS workflows always have empty Displayname (as the script does not seem to use the name property as a fallback for this kind of object type.
      Do you think its possible to update the script to handle the RGS workflows with a fallback to using "name" property in case "displayname" value does not exist, or contains empty value.
    • Thanks for the heads up.
      I will look into it in an upcoming release.
    • Thanks Lasse, waiting for the updated version!
  • Large Environment
    2 Posts | Last post November 05, 2015
    • At first it didn't work at all in our environment. But then I realized that your script errors out because we have multiple pools. On line 198 the get-csservice -CentralManagement returns multiple poolfqdn's and on the next line it errors out because it only expecting one. My suggestion would be to add a parameter to type in the pool name manually or maybe even have it list the pools and let the user select the one needed. 
    • Hi,
      Thank you for the feedback. I must admit I have tried to create this script so it could auto detect everything.
      I will look into the discovery and see how I can solve this. Both keep the autodiscovery for small deployments, but at the same time add a switch to comply with your request.
      Not sure how quick I can have it ready, but I will make sure it's one of my priorities.