About This Script:

Recently I was asked to download all of the documents, contents of a file to the network share, ensuring the same folder structure as is in the document library. I wrote a powershell script to achieve this.

This script takes as input the:

  1. Destination Location (Could be a network share drive)
  2. Url of the individual site
  3. Url of the list.


Steps to execute this script

  1. Download the PowerShell script using the download button on this link
  2. Next copy the PowerShell script to the SharePoint server machine (Preferably the server which hosts central admin)E.g. C:\Test
  3. Open the powershell script in an editor (E.g.Notepad)
  4. Update the variables

Applicable Versions of SharePoint:

This script can be executed against the following SharePoint versions:


Permissions for executing account:

The account executing this script must have the following permissions:


Notes regarding script execution:


Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned