For Full details on why this MP was created and instructions on how to use check out my blog post here:

Summary of why this MP exists:

The native SharePoint 2013 MP does not provide start/stop service level monitoring for SharePoint specific services that are only accessible via the SharePoint Central Administrative Site. It looks like it does and it gives you the warm fuzzy things are monitored feeling of having a state view where it says the services are healthy. But if you stop one of the services and wait for an alert you will find yourself waiting for a very long time.

This extended MP adds in the missing functionality such that if one of those services stops, you actually get an alert. By default all the monitors are disabled. I recommend only turning on the added monitoring on a case by case basis as most SharePoint farms distribute roles such that a service down on Server A is a critical problem, whereas the service being stopped on Server B may be by design. This is an "As-Is" proof of concept MP so test and modify as you see fit and read the instructions in the blog post above.