SharePoint Online: Set all lists to New or Classic Experience using Powershell

Short Powershell that sets all lists to a chosen look: ClassicExperience (old UI), NewExperience (modern look) Auto Setting.

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  • Paths to SDK
    5 Posts | Last post April 02, 2019
    • What is the SDK? 
    • It is SharePoint Online Client Components SDK
      You can download it from here:
    • Thanks, Lukasz :)
    • Tested the script and works great. I am trying to change the list experience on a single library/list. Can I something like doc/list name to the script? your thought?
    • Hi mgmjtech,
      Have a look here:
      I created the entire GitHub repository with several variations of the script to keep them all together:
      Let me know if you find what you need.
  • ListExperienceOptions property
    4 Posts | Last post February 14, 2019
    • Hi,
      this is a great script and I have been using a bit.  Just recently the ListExperienceOptions property has been generating an error:
       "Property ListExperienceOptions cannot be found on this object".  
      I actually went back to the original script and that now produces the error as well.  Could this be related to the environment I am running it on?
    • I cannot reproduce this issue on any of my tenants (first release and not). According to documentation the property should still be available.
      Are other list properties (like title, contenttypes) fetched correctly?
      Are you trying to use it in SharePoint Server? 
    • Hi Daniel,
      To access the "ListExperienceOptions" property from the $list object.You should run Powershell window as a Administrator, so that you will not face any issue.
    • How do i disable "Return to classic sharepoint" link in quick launch ?