There are a huge number of users who are looking to Import VCF to Outlook and to export VCF from Outlook. They don’t need to worry once they visit the useful blog. Here, they will find the easy solution to perform the task. Before moving to the solutions, let us know why the import/export is required.


Reasons to Import VCF to Outlook

When the users want to move the contacts to their Outlook email client to access them in Outlook whenever they need, the need to import vCard to Outlook is felt.

Similarly, sometimes the users want their contacts to access on their Android devices, then they need to export Outlook to VCF arises. 


Solutions to perform the conversion

 There are huge number of solutions that can import VCF to Outlook and Export Outlook to vCard. Manual as well as automated solutions are there to perform the conversion. But we will provide here an effective and one solution for the conversion i.e. vCard Export Import Tool.

We don’t prefer manual solutions because they are lengthy ones and sometimes unable to perform the required task for you. Moreover, there is no surety of data safety. 


vCard Export Import Tool – Instant solution

vCard Export Import Tool is an instant solution and one-stop solution to perform the dual tasks. It has a simplified interface with few steps working and has advanced functions to perform the task. 


Features possessed by the software


Only 3 steps Export/Import


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