About the workbook Challenge of the Month.xlsx

This Excel workbook contains a table of all past Challenge of the Month in Small Basic Forum.  Challenge of the Month is started on July 4, 2011 to present challenges for Small Basic programmers.  Microsoft Small Basic is a simple programming language for users who learn programming.  Challenge of the Month project is contributing to create a lot of great challenges and sample codes for Small Basic users.

Sheet All is the original table which has items challenge title, posted date, posted by, and URL to the challenge.

Sheet HTML is a sample to create HTML table tag from Excel sheet.  Generated HTML is actually used in a TechNet Wiki article:
Small Basic: Challenge of the Month

Other sheets contain the detail of each challenge.  I've not created the detail sheets for September 2012 and after that.  But table in sheet All contains all challenges until June 2014.

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About author

This workbook has been created by Nonki Takahashi who is a member of Small Basic Communication Counsil.