Why spend and time and money trying to come up with the next biggest business idea, when it’s far easier and profitable to follow the path already laid and signposted by existing businesses? Ultimately, there is really no such thing as a ‘new business’, as every new business regardless of how innovative or radical is simply a variation of an existing business model.


For example, some of the most successful and profitable large UK businesses simply retail other companies’ products. You don’t see large supermarket chains spending oodles of cash and time in innovating the next best washing up liquid. Or a successful clothing retailer commissioning clothes designer to come up with a mind-blowing, wallet-opening range of clothing. Instead they simply operate on the basis that it’s far easier to buy existing sought-after goods and retail them at the lowest possible cost to achieve maximum profits. If you want to start your own small business but you have not enough money to start your own business then i will suggest you to apply for funding at Seek Capital because they provide consulting services and funding procurement to small businesses across America.

I’m not suggesting you take on the supermarket or retail giants of this world, but I do think that we can all learn from their successful formula by simply adopting an existing business model and making it more profitable and more successful.


Start your own cleaning business

My favorite all-time, start your own business is the cleaning business model. This is by far the easiest business of all as you can literally start it with nothing other than your own enthusiasm and willingness to work hard.

 To begin with you don’t even need to invest in cleaning products or equipment as you can ask your clients to supply them. And if you think that a cleaning business is a dead-end business opportunity, think again. Some of the world’s most successful franchise operations are cleaning businesses.

 The advantages of starting a cleaning business include the following.



A turn-key cash business is one where your business is cash positive. For example, you go and do the work and get paid in cash at the end of the job. So, you don’t have to worry about waiting for days or even months before you get paid. Of course, as your business grows, you will have to organize an invoice system where you charge your clients on a weekly or monthly cycle, but initially with this business model you can generate instant cash. Depending on your circumstances this might be very necessary.



This is the great benefit of starting a cleaning business you don’t have to have any money to hand, so if you’ve just been made redundant, lost your life savings, or however dire your circumstances are you can start this business without requiring lots of cash.


The success of this particular business will very much depend on you not doing any cleaning, and instead recruiting and building up a reliable and honest team of cleaning staff to tackle all those cleaning contracts you’re going to go out and win.



 If you offer a quality, reliable, value-for-money cleaning business, you will see your business grow from a one-person operation into something much larger in a relatively short space of time. If you don’t believe me, just have a look at one of the many cleaning franchises available for you to invest in and note how they all make the same promises in terms of future growth. Another huge benefit of this type of business is that provided you work hard enough to get it right, you will reach a stage where you have a nice healthy, saleable business.


Start your own child-minding service

With more and more women with children returning to work, the demand for quality child minding is at an all-time high. Of course, not everyone will be suited to starting their own child-minding business, but for those who are looking for a home based business with a huge potential market, and have a real love of working with children, what better way is there to start and grow a business?


 I say first, because this is a business that is built entirely on the child minder’s reputation and quality of service. If you get it right, which I hope you do, you’ll do well and quickly build a successful business. If you get it wrong, then not only will word spread about your dire service but you may also find yourself in trouble with the authorities.

With this business finding your customers is a little easier than with other businesses, as you can readily identify your target market. For example, you’re only looking to market your service to those with children, and those who need someone to look after them while they are out at work, or otherwise unavailable.


There are number of ways you can market your business including the following:

1. Leaflet drops in your neighbourhood.

2. Poster/card advertising in your local supermarkets (they all have boards where for a small fee you can advertise your services).

3. A list of child minders kept by your local authority where you can ask that it be made known you’re available for bookings.

4. An advertisement in your local paper. This is my favourite way because if you play it right you should get your local paper to do a news story on your new business.

5.Something along the lines of why you’ve started and what you’re offering and so on. It’s a great way of creating instant credibility.