Office 365 groups are just more than a feature and will help team organizing, structure and have efficiency set as a key objective in daily work life.

There is a reason, why Office 365 is also called a PRODUCTIVITY SUITE. Why is this?


In our daily work we receive emails, most likely a lot. In my current job as Business Development Manager, I have received in a single year more than 25.000 mails. Which is incredible high. If I assume I spend approx. 30 sec on each mail, including say 10% I need to react on. Let’s see how much time I spend in total on Email.

(25.000 * 30 sec)/3600 = 208,33 hrs -> 26 days

That’s a lot of time! As is said, I need to react on 10% only, I waisted 24 days. With costs my company more than an entire monthly salary.


After the first Office 365 Group was established, we experienced a significant reduction of the email blasts. We shared documents via OneDrive (SharePoint), had a structured calendar, organized task in Planner, started working with consolidated OneNotes. Best ever, the conversation in the Team Email folder help following up with work, and more the amount of emails was reduced further.

My personal email flood reduced down to less than 18 mails in my inbox and around 6 in cc’ed subfolder. This is taking my incoming mails down by approx. 6.000 plus around 5.000 in the team Office 365 Group.

And it’s not the end yet. Now the next level is in progress, once Teams is activated!!

Today we increased the work efficiency per person by:
48% based on Email measuring!


An Office 365 Group is the best possibility targeting the following objectives:

-          Team mail flow control

-          Team consolidates mail thread tracking and tracing

-          Team collaboration

-          Team collaboration with external partners

-          Team planning and tracking

-          Team work space sharing

-          Team work space meetings (Microsoft Teams)