Skype for Business depends heavily on specific infrastructure, roles, features and settings to be in place before and during installation. These requirements extend beyond the system dependencies of each Skype for Business server and far into your network. Missing requirements can and will lead to problems either during deployment or operations which can sometimes leave you scratching your head, not knowing where to start.

The intention of this book is to provide the technical knowledge to properly provision all the prerequisites required for a Skype for Business deployment. It is not meant to be a technical “deep dive” into all supporting architecture, but provide you with enough information to make informed choices.

It is assumed that you have an understanding of the workloads Skype for Business offers and possess a degree of technical competency throughout the Microsoft stack. It is important that in addition to the information provided in this book, you actively research each topic in order to gain a full understanding. This book contains helpful walk-throughs on some of the most intricate dependencies in order to install Skype for Business successfully.

It is hoped that by the end of this book you will have successfully completed all the necessary dependencies to install Skype for Business with confidence.

The chapters of this book are set out in order of precedence. Therefore, you should complete the tasks of each chapter in sequence in order to ensure each dependency is in place properly.

Please remember that your network may be different to another and therefore, you should rely on the local knowledge of your environment, together with independent research in order to complete the dependencies.

This book does not serve as a low level design for Skype for Business, nor is it a “how to” install Skype for Business guide. This book relies on a suitable low level design document for configuration specific information in order to complete some, or all tasks outlined in the following chapters.