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The Exchange Team

The Exchange Team MSFT

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We've developed this matrix to help answer questions about requirements for calendar data exchange between Exchange organizations, including Exchange Online and different versions of Exchange Server on-premises.For more information on this download and a Exchange 2010/Exchange On
Josh Blalock
This e-book serves as a reference, or "handbook", for various topics regarding the planning and implementation of various Hybrid Skype for Business environments. From supported topologies, to step-by-step instructions for configuring Cloud PBX with On-Premises PSTN Connectivity.
Updated 5/2/2016
Released 12/1/2015
Alan Byrne
This script will export all users and their Distribution Group membership from Office 365 to a CSV file which you can manipulate in Excel.
Updated 3/3/2016
Released 10/10/2012
Jos Lieben
This logonscript for your clients or RDS/Citrix servers persistently maps a OneDrive for Business or Sharepoint Online library to a driveletter. Its written in Powershell and automatically maps your account if you have ADFS, or will prompt for credentials if you do not have ADFS.
Updated 5/4/2016
Released 4/16/2015
Alan Byrne
This script will connect to Office 365 and export a list of all your Office 365 Mailbox enabled users Last Logon Date/Time to a CSV file. It's useful for finding out if you're paying for any licences that aren't being used!
Updated 1/29/2016
Released 10/9/2012
Vlad Catrinescu
Use this PowerShell script to disable the Yammer license for all your users in Office 365!
Updated 2/15/2016
Released 2/12/2016
Ronni Pedersen
This Step-by-step guide describes how to prepare and add Microsoft Office 365 (2016) Professional Plus Click-toRun to the Application library of System Center 2012 Configuration Manager (SCCM), by using the designated functions for doing this in the Configuration
Manager Consol
Updated 10/1/2015
Released 9/30/2015
Alan Byrne
This script connects to Office 365 and retrieves the inbound and outbound mail traffic statistics by recipient for all available dates. This information is then exported to a CSV file which can be opened in Microsoft Excel.
Updated 1/17/2016
Released 8/13/2013
ECM Docs Team - MSFT
This customizable guide can help your end users enroll their mobile devices into Microsoft Intune.
Updated 2/22/2016
Released 6/25/2015
ECM Docs Team - MSFT
With all of the different design and configuration options for mobile device management (MDM), it's difficult to determine which combination will best meet the needs of your organization. This design considerations guide will help you to understand mobile device management desig
Updated 11/24/2015
Released 6/24/2015
Matt McNabb
Beginning in June, 2015 all Office 365 mailboxes will have the new Clutter feature enabled by default. Administrators have the ability to manually alter this behavior so that a user must explicitly enable Clutter. This script
will disable the 'On by default' nature of Clutter f
Updated 9/10/2015
Released 5/26/2015
Alan Byrne
This PowerShell script connects to Office 365 and lists out all mailboxes and shows you if each user has Clutter enabled or disabled for their mailbox.
Updated 5/19/2015
Released 5/19/2015
Latest Version: Z-Hire Version 5.4 beta
Z-Hire automates the IT account creation process for Exchange mailbox, Active Directory, Lync accounts, Office 365 cloud and SalesForce cloud deployments. With just a click of the button, your Exchange mailbox, and Active directory user an
Updated 4/7/2016
Released 9/12/2011
Thomas Poett (Skype MVP)
added 12. April 2016:IMPORTANT NOTE:Guide 1.0 do NOT represent the CCE RTM Version, therefore an updated docuement Version 2.0 will follow. Just take the consulting advice from this document only!This document in Version 1.0 refers to the new upcomming Cloud Connector Edition uti
Updated 4/12/2016
Released 3/3/2016
Michel de Rooij

This script will scan each folder of a given primary mailbox and personal archive (when configured, Exchange 2010 and later) and removes duplicate items from per folder. You can specify how the items should be deleted and what items to process, e.g. mail
items or appointments
Updated 3/4/2015
Released 6/21/2013
Tim Springston [MSFT]
This script is used to quickly retrieve all of the basic details about your Office 365 tenant and put them at your fingertips. If you are a tenant admin, or a Microsoft partner who administers tenants for your customers, this can save you a good bit of time.
Updated 5/8/2013
Released 5/8/2013
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