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This Power BI file contains reports for Microsoft's Office 365 PPM tool Project Online. This report pack contains reports to help check that your projects are compliant. There is a summary page to give an overview across projects then a detailed page for the selected project.
5 Star
Updated 10/23/2018
Released 10/23/2018
Mohamed El-Qassas MVP
"Project Server 2016 Configurator Script" will help you to configure the Project Server 2016 via a one shot PowerShell Script.

For more details check
4.9 Star
Updated 7/14/2017
Released 6/4/2017
Ian Bruckner
This document will describe to you how to create a Timesheet Status Report in a filterable and sortable table format which include timesheets in a status of Not Yet Created... something Project Online reporting does not deliver.
No Star
Updated 9/21/2016
Released 7/17/2015
This PowerShell script will publish all projects in Project Server when run with an account that is a Project Server administrator. This can either be run on demand or set to run on a schedule using the Windows Task Scheduler.
4.2 Star
Updated 3/24/2015
Released 5/31/2012
Ben Howard [MVP]
Project Online Content Pack with additional language support for Danish, , Polish, Russian and UkrainianThis is the standard Microsoft Project Online Power BI content pack, but with support for PWA instances created in either Russion or Ukrainian.  In total this content pack now
5 Star
Updated 8/22/2018
Released 4/3/2018
James Boman
PDP People PickingProject Server PDPs (Project Detail Pages) have the facility to host Project level enterprise custom fields for users to edit.  Out-of-the-box Project Server supports Cost, Date, Duration, Flag, Number and Text - but not fields of type Person.With the supplied J
5 Star
Updated 11/12/2015
Released 5/19/2015
This PowerShell script will connect to the Project Online PWA instance, import data from a CSV file then update the appropriate projects with the data from the CSV file. This demonstrates a simple example for importing the project budget value from a CSV file.
5 Star
Updated 11/7/2016
Released 11/6/2016
Prasanna Adavi
This document walks you through step by step of creating a simple Timesheet Status Report, using OData Connections in Project Online. The report could also be used in Project Server 2013 On-premises version with some minor tweaks.The report could also be enhanced to add other fie
3 Star
Updated 5/30/2014
Released 5/30/2014
Ben Howard [MVP]
This content packs builds on Microsoft's release for Project Online and adds in Dynamic
Row Level Security.  When fully configured this automatically filters the content pack to display only the projects owned by the viewer.  Further details are availalbe here.  Please note at
No Star
Updated 11/27/2018
Released 9/13/2018
This PowerShell script will use the Project Reporting OData API to get a list of all the Project Sites in the PWA Site Collection linked to a project. It will then access each of those project sites to enable you to easily update / review the site if needed.
5 Star
Updated 7/8/2016
Released 7/8/2016
This PowerShell script will use the Project Reporting OData API to extract the timesheet data between the given start and end dates. The user running the script specifies the source PWA instance URL, Username and password. They then enter the start and finish dates.
No Star
Updated 5/17/2016
Released 5/17/2016
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The Microsoft Project Server 2010 Upgrade SuperFlow is a special kind of help file that provides you with information that you need to upgrade to Microsoft Project Server 2010.
4 Star
Updated 6/30/2014
Released 6/4/2012
Wojciech Wroblewski
This script is higly inspired by the sample uploaded by PWMather. It was sent and recommended to me by a Microsoft engineer working on one of our cases.I did however have a few problems with just copying and pasting it to production. Main things that were missing for me were:
No Star
Updated 1/25/2018
Released 10/20/2017
This simple JavaScript file enables you to change the Owner field / label on the Project Detail Pages to display a different label such as Project Manager.
5 Star
Updated 6/12/2015
Released 6/12/2015
This simple JavaScript file enables you to capture the PWA users last logon time from the Project Web App homepage. It is simple to deploy and use - you just need to set up the list first.
4.8 Star
Updated 9/30/2016
Released 9/30/2016
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