The Microsoft Project Server 2010 Upgrade SuperFlow is a special kind of help file that provides you with information that you need to upgrade to Microsoft Project Server 2010. It provides information that is common to each upgrade path – planning, preparation, and specific procedures for each supported upgrade method.  This guide also provides you with information about how to download and use the Microsoft Project Server 2010 virtual migration environment – the recommended method for upgrading your Microsoft Office Project Server 2003 data to Office Project Server 2007 (which you can then upgrade to Project Server 2010).

Note: Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 is required to install the SuperFlow. 

To install the Microsoft Project Server 2010 Upgrade SuperFlow

  1. Download the SF_ProjectServer2010Upgrade.msi file. 
  2. Run the SF_ProjectServer2010Upgrade.msi file and follow the installation instructions in the wizard.

The SuperFlow is installed in a Start menu group that is named Microsoft SuperFlows.