Submitted By: Rudy Messex, U.S. Army

This file gathers network information about the computer it is run on. This includes such information as hostname, network adapters, and active network connections.

Visual Basic
@echo off
rem ***********************************
rem Script: Network Configuration Script
rem Creation Date: 3 May 2005
rem Last Modified: 3 May 2005
rem Author: Rudy Messex
rem email:
rem ***********************************
rem Description: This script will dump system
rem              Configuration information
rem              including OS version, system
rem              name and ipconfiguration into
rem              a text file located at:
rem              c:\Scripts\%File_Name%.txt
rem ***********************************

rem Set the title to read system information
title System Information

rem Set the background color to Black, and text to bright green
color 0A

rem Change to a directory where the commands work
cd C:\Documents and Settings\

echo      The hostname appears below.  Please type the hostname EXACTLY as it appears below.  
echo If you make a mistake, please run this script again. 


echo Enter the hostname here:

@echo off 
set /P File_Name= 
set extension=.txt

rem Start the header info
echo The system hostname is: > c:\Scripts\%File_Name%%extension%

rem To enter a blank line you must enter echo.
echo.  >> c:\Scripts\%File_Name%%extension%

rem call up the commands
(hostname & ver & ipconfig -all & netstat -a) >> c:\Scripts\%File_Name%%extension%

echo. >> c:\Scripts\%File_Name%%extension%
echo. >> c:\Scripts\%File_Name%%extension%
cd c:/
vol >> c:\Scripts\%File_Name%%extension%

(echo. & echo %date% & echo %time%) >> c:\Scripts\%File_Name%%extension%

rem Command to close