Analyze Index Statistics

Sample stored procedure that analyzes index statistics, including accesses, overhead, locks, blocks, and waits. The order of execution is as follows: 1) Truncate indexstats with t

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  • indexstats
    3 Posts | Last post January 29, 2013
    • As per script table = indexstats is missing.
      need script to creat this table = indexstats
    • Who tested this script and how? It fails to create dependencies on SQL 2005 on Win2003 R2 x64. If you ignore that error and try to execute the sp, then you realize - as the previous poster had pointed out - the script is trying to access a table called indexstats, and that table does not exist. Way to go team sql scriptors :))
    • Hey guys,
      I might be too late to answer your question but still I thought it might be useful.
      The reason why the scripts is lacking the indexstats is because this table is created in a related script.
      I give you the two scripts and their utility:
       - this one is the create/truncate indexstats which is referred as step 1
       - This one is the retrieve index statistics which is referred as step 2 and 4.
      Hope it will help someone