Windows Update PowerShell Module

This function is a piece of PSWindowsUpdate module to manage Windows Update on a computer system running Windows. Whole module contain set of functions to check, download and install updates from PowerShell.

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Windows Update
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  • 1.) Why update not listed when using PSWindowsUpdate? / 2.) Filter for a specific update using PSWindowsUpdate?
    3 Posts | Last post May 25, 2019
    • Hi,
      I’ve seen that OEMs like HP are also offering BIOS updates within the Microsoft Update Catalog.
      In my example I’m using a HP EliteBook 840 G5 which contains the BIOS version 01.04.00 (=not the latest).
      This BIOS version 01.04.00 and the latest one 01.06.00 is also available within the Microsoft Update Catalog,
      when using either the hardware ID of the firmware (=BIOS) listed under Windows Device Manager (“Firmware” -> “System Firmware” -> “Properties” -> “Details” -> “Hardware Ids”) or the so called family ROM name “Q78” as a search term:
      - Search term hardware ID (“854bef26-b844-4f03-8e09-b64b4b1ee21e”)”:
      - Search term family ROM name (“Q78”):
      I want to use the Powershell module PSWindowsUpdate ( for downloading a specific update,
      like this latest BIOS version 01.06.00  for the HP EliteBook 840 G5 from the Microsoft Update Catalog.
      However, if I use one of the following commands it’s not listed at all despite the HP EliteBook 840 G5 unit still contains the older BIOS version 01.04.00:
      Get-WUInstall -MicrosoftUpdate
      Get-WUList -MicrosoftUpdate
      Here the complete list of commands I’ve used to install the module PSWindowsUpdate,
      before using one of the two commands mentioned above (also see the following tutorial:
      Install-Module -Name PSWindowsUpdate
      Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
      Import-Module PSWindowsUpdate
      Add-WUServiceManager -ServiceID 7971f918-a847-4430-9279-4a52d1efe18d
      So 1st question specific to this update is, why it’s not listed when using PSWindowsUpdate at all?
      And the 2nd one, how to filter for a specific update using PSWindowsUpdate if it doesn’t contain a KB (parameter –KBArticleID)?
      Thanks and best regards
    • Not really an answer, but I'm trying to use the latest version of this module and sometimes it just doesn't find all the updates. 
      Most recently, there is an KB update for 1809, to prepare WU for 1903 - it's called Cumulative Update... - can't remember the KB number, sorry. And the module won't find it. 
      What's interesting, if you manually search for updates in normal W10 interface, it will show and start downloading. And then if you run the module, it will suddenly find that update...
    • KB4497934 it is IIRC
  • newest version
    1 Posts | Last post May 09, 2019
    • Is it possible to display a link to the newest version here
  • Feature update 1803 downloads but doesn't install?
    1 Posts | Last post May 08, 2019
    • I am having an issue with PSWindowsUpdate where it'll download the 1803 feature update, says its installing it, reboots, and when I run pswindowsupdate again, it says all updates installed.
      However, if I then go to the regular GUI version of Windows update, Windows update will say that feature update 1803 is available for download, it'll download it and install it, eventhough pswindowsupdate says it installed, and no more updates were available.
      Anyone else having this issue?  Tried different versions of pswindowsupdate and it persists on all of them.
  • Remote Windows Update
    1 Posts | Last post April 25, 2019
    • Can we push this commands from remote server to download and install updates on servers. I mean can we run this scripts from remote to push to remote servers for download and install update.
  • Remote Windows Update
    1 Posts | Last post April 25, 2019
    • Hi,
      Can we push the commands from remote server to set the servers to download and install update on the servers.
  • Module incompatible in PowerShell 6.2
    1 Posts | Last post April 24, 2019
    • Hi,
      It seems this module is not compatible with powershell 6.2.0 Core (tested on server 2016 and 2019)
      PS C:\Windows\system32> get-windowsupdate
      get-windowsupdate : The type initializer for '<Module>' threw an exception.
      At line:1 char:1
      + get-windowsupdate
      + ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
      + CategoryInfo          : NotSpecified: (:) [Get-WindowsUpdate], TypeInitializationException
      + FullyQualifiedErrorId : System.TypeInitializationException,PSWindowsUpdate.GetWindowsUpdate
      The module works fine in powershell 5.1 on the same servers.
  • Windows Update Reboot Issue
    1 Posts | Last post April 06, 2019
    • Hi,
      I have got a problem related to Get-WUInstall function. I found sometimes windows updates require the system to reboot multiple times. I use 
      Get-WUInstall –MicrosoftUpdate –AcceptAll –AutoReboot command to automatically upgrade system and reboot if it's required. Will this command continue to update windows OS after each reboot? If it does not, how can I handle this situation?
  • PSWindowsUpdate
    5 Posts | Last post April 05, 2019
    • Processing seems to stop at the very beginnig : "Connecting to Windows Update server. please wait...'
      I suppose, this nice script may need to get verified by some programmer with a lot more skills than me ;p
    • Hello, I'm also getting this. Been trying to find a solution...
    • same here...
    • same problem even with latest
    • We got update from MS they released one KB kb4489920 which fix this issue.
  • Set the Restart Time
    1 Posts | Last post March 24, 2019
    • Hi, after windows updates install on Windows 10, Windows will automatically select an ideal time to restart the device (i'm talking about a server in this case there really isn't ever an ideal time - because it's a server). so is there a way this script could set the restart time and date (we have a maintenance window we could use)? I have read through some of the com object stuff for windows update and i can't see any way to do this, unless it's set via some other means, maybe a scheduled task or something? i don't know, but it would be so useful to have that option.
  • Windows updates not working when we connect directly with windows update server
    1 Posts | Last post March 22, 2019
    • We stuck at connecting windows update server
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