Change the Printer Server on a Client Computer

Points an existing printer on a client computer to a new print server.

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  • Servername Entry
    1 Posts | Last post October 12, 2012
    • Ok,
      This script looks like it should work perfectly from what I know about scripting in my old days but I am completely blind as to where and which string entry is where I put the old print server name and which string is the new print server name in the script itself. We are doing a massive migrtion of 150 desktops to a new print server with about 80 printers out there and this script will make our life easy in our login scripts.
      I just can't figure out where to put those string entries for OldServer and New Server... I fear I must be blind.
      Any Help?
  • Running this script on Windows 7 64 bits
    2 Posts | Last post April 26, 2012
    • This script run fine on Windows XP. When I ran it on Windows 7 - 64 n bits I got the following error:
      Script execution time was exceeded on script "C:\qchange.vbs".
      Script execution was terminated.
      Any idea to make it works on Windows 7 - 64bits
      Thank you.
    • I didn't have any problems on this one with running on windows 7 - 64bits.
      There might be several things you need to check.
      At this moment I can think only few possible solution.
      - move the qchange.vbs and yourprinters.txt away from root drive c:\ to under some folder c:\somefolder.
      - check that you don't have policy that is preventing running scripts.