List Logical Disk Drive Properties

Lists the properties for all the logical disk drives on a computer. This script was tested using Python 2.2.2-224 for Microsoft Windows, available from <a href="

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  • How to import win32 in python code
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    • Could you please tell me how to script in python to find out if the disk drive is online? (i.e. if the disk drive status is online). Can be done only by checking if the disks are assigned letters?
  • Meta data for provide scripts
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    • To The Scripting Guys and Microsoft,
      Could you provide on webpages with code, a option to copy to the code your are demonstrating with the following additional information included in code comments or the like the following: The URL of this code page (users are aware links change), date authored, authors and license the code is provided under. So when i copy the examples i don't have to add the acknowlegements myself, or hunt if the code snipet is a GPL or some such. I see the disclaimer which is not precisely a "license". Personally I feel this is a marketing tool to benefit the code provider (in this case Microsoft).