List Processor Information

Returns information about the processors installed on a computer. This script was tested using Perl for Microsoft Windows, available from <a href="

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  • Powershell... smowershell - who needs it?
    2 Posts | Last post September 11, 2013
    • WMI and Perl do the same things - and this is yet more proof. Besides, powershell in most cases just calls a WMI function. Cool stuff. Thanks guys!
    • Plus, you can run this script while watching "Top Gun," when Tom Cruise says, "I feel the need; the need for SPEED!" Just query all your processors, see which ones are the beefiest, and then, like a thief in the night, steal processing cycles from them - that's what we did at Naval Research Lab. As someone once said, "A wasted CPU cycle can never be re-used nor recovered - once it's gone, it's GONE!" (that's more or less a paraphrase, but it has stuck with me all these years).