Rename All the Files in a Folder

Renames all files in a folder to a specified prefix plus a sequential number. This is very handy after obtaining pre-named images from a digital camera.

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  • Hello, How do you run this script?
    1 Posts | Last post January 29, 2015
    • I've tried executing it on the desktop and command prompt. No luck.
      I could use some input please.
  • Path and Prefix
    1 Posts | Last post January 29, 2015
    • Hello Mr. Fox
      In regard to your "Rename All the Files in a Folder".
      To begin, I'm very new to VB script.
      I'm having a bit of problem with this portion of the script.
      Do the folders have to be a single word ie. My Pics would be my_pics?
      Also my file prefix's are numerals and I would like to keep them but numbered 1.jpg 2.jpg etc.
      I have searched for more documentation on line but haven't had much luck.
       Case Else 
            WScript.Echo "RenameFiles.vbs requires 2 parameters:" &_ 
                vbcrlf & "1)  C:\Users\Richards\My Pictures\ sp train" &_ 
                vbcrlf & "2)  I'm lost here:  File Prefix" &_ 
                vbcrlf & "3) Confirm each file? True/*False* (optional)" 
      Thank you in advance.	  
      Richard Moor