Show Partition free space on remote server

Shows free space on remote server partitions

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  • Parsing a list and dumping to a file.
    3 Posts | Last post September 08, 2011
    • I am very new to Powershell Scripting.
      How would we have this read from a list of servers and run for each, then dump to a file?
    • Hi,
      It pretty Simple,
      Copy and paste the code to a notepade and save the file as
       Open Windows PowerShell (if this is the first time you are executing a script using power shell, then you may have to modify your execution policy. type Set-ExcecutionPolicy RemoteSigned)
      navigate to where you saved the script in PowerShell and execute the script and this will require you to enter the remote server name, once you provide the server name details will be retrieved. 
    • filename.ps1