Run ChkDsk

Runs ChkDsk.exe against drive D on a computer.

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  • didn't work
    2 Posts | Last post May 15, 2016
    • I've tried this on serveral systems and no luck.  I did make one change, i replaced 'D:'" with 'C:'"
    • Since it's been a little over 6 years, you've hopefully figured this out or given up.  The 'C:' drive in a typical installation is the OS, or system volume.  Chkdsk.exe will not run against an active system volume.  The only way you can run chkdsk on the OS, or C: volume, is to schedule it for the next startup, and it will run before the volume is mounted.  If your system has only 1 mounted volume, then 'D:' is probably a CD/DVD drive, and this won't work either.  This script was designed for systems with multiple mounted volumes.  I haven't tried the script, but the code looks like you should be able to change the drive letter to match any non-system volume, and run chkdsk against it, as long as your user account has administrator privileges.